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Item Name Catalog# Quantity Details
46-264088G1-E1Contact us
46-246840 G51Contact us
Model 4001Contact us
# 45561562B 797, 1995J0003MO. 28001Contact us
#2156647 # 4531422292100/ 2800 autobox1Contact us
6V, 15CP46-264470G1-2 / BE6EM9 / SERIAL: 264471F1Contact us
AMX 2 MOBILE X-RAY / GOOD FOR PARTS / HRT TUBE MO: 46-125686G6 / SERIAL: 94089TUO / FOCAL SPOT 1.0-2.0 (15 DEGREES) / 130 KVP / MINI FILTRATION 0.7MM / 130 KVPCBA, 500W/120V1Contact us
ASC ECM CPU46-2610614G1512 AND 46-261064G1 / ROM PLANE 11Contact us
ASC ECM CPU # 226937C, BEAF4S9529J0005V TGD1Contact us
ASCBIU X #232601C, BEAFKLDSA120-69-MAR511Contact us
ASSY-90 EXTENDED CARD46-232230 G1-C1Contact us
ASSY-90 Extended card 53242G1Contact us
Base SE P/L 46-261064G1 SCX Video Camera Head, Rom-Plane 1CDS/CDX 100W/120V1Contact us
BASE SE P/L AND SCX VIDEO CAMERABoard 46-2646381Contact us
BELTDZE1Contact us
BELT LARGE# 2391Contact us
BUS INTERFACE UNIT X45561562B795 / 453142221Contact us
BUS INTERFACE UNIT XPART NO: 2156647 / E13UE4 / 45314222 / 9529J0005VTGD1Contact us
Bus Interface Unit X #226969E, BE62XE546220A5Contact us
Bus Interface Unit, # 226969E BE5YCH2Contact us
CASE / SIZE: 30 (L) X 63 (H) X 29 (W)CZX/DAB, 500W/120V1Contact us
Cath Lab 1966Collimator Ultranet AIVADX12-15S11/1021Contact us
CHARACTER DISPLAYPART NO: 2101019-4 / 0450-419927B-011Contact us
Character Display, BE6EM9, #264471F2197522A5151Contact us
CINE POWER AMP X46-226968G1-F1Contact us
CINE POWER AMP X46-22698 G1-F1Contact us
Cine Power AMP X # 232509B50Contact us
Cine Power AMP, BC8HXC, #232509B46-288268 G1-A1Contact us
Circular Field Collimator, D5305BCBEH, 150W/120V1Contact us
COLL CONTROL / SERVO46-264470G1-D1Contact us
COLL CTRL/SERVO, BE652C #264089E1465J00251Contact us
DASH 5000DASH 50002Contact us
Debrider attachment40S11N/1? 40WATT1Contact us
DEFIB / BATTERY OPERATED / SIZE: 16X15X6 / OPTION: 002ABA46-188956 G1-C1Contact us
ELECTRON TUBE, NEWBNF 115/125V1Contact us
EMERGENCY KITControl 46-264468 G4-A1Contact us
Emergency Kit HM20064X4-12PLY 100PR/SLV.1Contact us
EXIT LIGHT LAMP, CLEAR46-264088G1-E / BE652C / SERIAL: 264089E1Contact us
Exposure monitoring video processor #288269ADSA120-69--C02791Contact us
EXTENDER46-321381P11Contact us
Extender #188957C, BC5DGUFHS 360w-82v1Contact us
EXTENDER BOARD X46-2269361Contact us
Extender Board X #232195B, BMLNT3ENX 360w-82v1Contact us
Flash Aux memory Board0450-419927B-011Contact us
GE Brightspeed Edge SelectContact us
GE case treadmill, 30L, 63H, 29W & 29WX48HX78L46-165843P11Contact us
GE DINAMAP ProCare 400Contact us
GE RT3200 Advantage-III Ultrasound SystemContact us
GE Signa HDXT 1.5TContact us
HIGH INTENSITY ARC PROJ.LAMP46-226936 / BEAF4S / SERIAL: 226937C1Contact us
HIGH INTENSITY, CLEAR46-232508G1-B / BC8HXC / SERIAL: 232509B1Contact us
HUB/FLOPPY XPART NO: 2197522A515 / E0082J1Contact us
Hub/floppy, BE5K1F, # 264119B85001Contact us
IMAGE GATE CONTROL X46-232508G1-B / BC5HHH / SERIAL: 232509B1Contact us
Image Gate Control X #264717A, BC24U1x ray tube1Contact us
IMAGE PROCESSOR46-232508G1-B1Contact us
Image Processor BE7HYJ45259354C7811Contact us
indicator Lamps 15 watt Clear46-264118G1-A / BE5K1F / SERIAL: 264119B1Contact us
Interpretive EKG MAC PC2Contact us
LAMP46-232548G2-A / BC1FWV / SERIAL: 232549D1Contact us
LAMP46-226968G1-F / BE5YCH / SERIAL: 226969E1Contact us
LAMP WITH TWO PRONG CONN.46-226968G1-F / BE62XE / SERIAL: 226969E1Contact us
LAMP, 150W, 24V46-264472G1-C / BC28FR / SERIAL: 264473E1Contact us
LAMP, MINIATURE46-288878G1-C / BE5TT4 / SERIAL: 288879C1Contact us
LAMP, MINIATURE46-232898G6-A / BC2BX4 / SERIAL: 232899E1Contact us
LAMP, MINIATURE46-232194G1-A / BMLNT3 / SERIAL: 232195B1Contact us
LAMP, SCREW TYPE46-232230G1-C / BE1Z73 / SERIAL: 232231C1Contact us
LFX CPU BOARD46-288878G1C0Contact us
LFX CPU Board #232899E, BC2BX4EFR 150w-15v1Contact us
LFX I/O board, BE5TT4, #288879C#453142221Contact us
LFX-I/O46-264472G1-C1Contact us
LFX-KV, #264473E, BC28FR46-264640G2-H1Contact us
LFX-LV46-288524G1-B1Contact us
MA/KV/OL46-26446401Contact us
MA/KV/OL, #288525B, BE5LBX46-264458G1-C1Contact us
MARC/HIGH INTENSITY LAMP46-262857691Contact us
MINIATURE LAMP46-188956G1-C / BC5DGU / SERIAL: 188957C1Contact us
MONITOR ASM, MD 120-M6-11446-246840G5 / CATALOG #: D5305BC1Contact us
PATIENT CABLE/ ECG#18201Contact us
PotentiometerEJA 21V, 150W1Contact us
PRJECTOR LAMP 1500 WATT46-321381P1 REVO / BEAS181Contact us
PROJECTION LAMP46-321099P1 REVO1Contact us
PROJECTION LAMP46-264640XX-XG2-A / BE36J5 / SERIAL: 264641F1Contact us
PROJECTION LAMP46-288524G1-B / BE5LBX / SERIAL: 288525B1Contact us
Projector Lamp46-264468G4-A / BEADTC / SERIAL: 264469G1Contact us
PROJECTOR LAMP46-232600G1-D / BEAFKL / SERIAL: 232601C1Contact us
PROJECTOR LAMP46-264716G1-A / BC24U1 / SERIAL: 264717A1Contact us
PROJECTOR LAMP46-321098G1-F / BE7HYJ1Contact us
Quartzline lamp46-264638 / BEABGE / SERIAL: 264639C1Contact us
ROD# 131Contact us
RR BEARING#2401Contact us
S188 CPO #232549D, BC1FWV1Contact us
S188CPU46-264640G2-H / BEAPZY / SERIAL: 264641F1Contact us
STALUS CENTER46-261064 G15121Contact us
Status CNTR # 2101019-4100-2501Contact us
SYNC AND TIMING BOARD46-321099P1 / 46-321098G1-F1Contact us
SYNC AND TIMING BOARD46-232194 G1-A1Contact us
SYNC AND TIMING BOARD # 264641F, BE36J546-232508G1-B1Contact us
Sync and Timing board #264641F, BEAPZXREF:ABCL 3/61Contact us
SYSTEM CONTROL PROCESSOR 53211 REV 0046-232600 G1-D1Contact us
System control processor 53211 rev 00VR-131Contact us
TABLE TOPFG648-X1Contact us
transducer 4-10.5 mhz, works with vivid/logiqDDP 22V,132W1Contact us
transducer FPA, 3.5mhz, works with vivid/logiq46-136282P581Contact us
transducer sectorEZM MARC 300/161Contact us
transducer sector, works with logiq 500, 5, 6A3123AE1Contact us
transducer, 5.0mhz60-3950-0561Contact us
transducer, 5.0mhzDTS1Contact us
TV ROTATOR CONTROL46-264458G1-C / BC5J5S3 / SERIAL: 264459B1Contact us
TV Rotator Control #232231C, BE1Z731Contact us
TYPE V460PA40A25W/120V1Contact us
TYPE V480LB30ADEJ,750W/120V1Contact us
V250LA20AEJA, 150W/21V1Contact us
vascular I/O board #264459BL301901Contact us
VASCULAR I/O X46-232898 G6-A1Contact us
Verical Scan #264639C,BEABGEDSA120-71-M-AK831Contact us
VERTICAL SCAN BOARD46-288268G1-A / BE5LLL / SERIAL: 288269A1Contact us
WALL MOUNT FOR ELECTROHOME / 12 EVM 1200 P4AG / GCX BRAND NEW46-232548 G2-A1Contact us
X-RAY TUBE / CATHODE: 150 KV / FILTERATION: 0.8 MM / FOCUS: .3BG - .9G - 1.2 10 DEGREES / OCT. 2, 1991DDP, 22V, 132W1Contact us
X-Ray view box, 14x17, 6 bay. 18w, 6deep, 87 Long, metal, heavy duty, wall mount12091Contact us
Xrii/Iris #264469G, BEADTCDSA120-72-M-AQ061Contact us
XRII/IRIS CONTROL53242G / 45259354C781 / 1465J00251Contact us
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